Rives Recognizes National Safety Month with Important Tips

Posted on June 14, 2023 by markstein

June is National Safety Month. Safety is a top priority at Rives, and we’re proud to have won multiple safety awards.

To recognize this important month, our safety director shares four tips for staying safe while working on a construction site.

“Our commitment to safety isn’t a platitude – it’s an ongoing, daily pledge to care for the wellbeing of the people we work alongside.” – Ray Reese, safety director



Protect yourself with the right equipment

“Always wear personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the task. Remember to consider the options of Work Practices and Engineering Controls first.”

Stay hydrated

“The summer months can get very hot on a construction site. Make a plan to stay cool, including drinking plenty of water and using the buddy system, where workers observe each other for signs of heat stress. Also, add Sqwincher, as provided, to at least one bottle of water per day in order to replace lost electrolytes.”

Always use fall protection

“Falls are the number one cause of construction worker fatalities. To prevent falls, fall protection such as a harness and lanyard, lifelines, guardrails and properly constructed scaffolding must be used when working at elevations of six feet and greater, or at 10 feet and greater when working from a scaffold.”

Secure ladders

“When climbing a ladder on a construction site, always maintain three points contact with the ladder and keep your buckle between the side rails. In addition, extension ladders must be secured against possible sliding and must extend a minimum of three feet above the landing surface.”

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