About Rives Construction

Rives Construction Company is a full-service commercial construction firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Since its founding in 1930, our company’s name has been synonymous with exceptional results – no matter a project’s size, scope or location. We’ve earned our reputation by completing custom projects on-time and within budget across a variety of industries, including commercial, financial, automotive, health care, industrial and corporate aviation, and we’re set apart by our commitment to service and our dedication to going above and beyond to ensure our clients’ voices are heard and valued.


To be a most trusted commercial builder and engaged partner for our clients, recognized for quality, high standards of service and integrity.


To invest in an industry-leading team offering comprehensive and high-quality construction services that provide innovative solutions to meet clients' unique needs.

Our Commitment to Safety

Rives dedication to safety is our top priority, and achieving this goal starts with hiring the best team for the job. We place a high priority on identifying and retaining industry leaders, and we hold each other accountable for maintaining safety practices. Rives vigilantly assesses any and all potential safety hazards, allowing our team to identify and proactively address challenges to job site safety. While we are fully committed to maintaining the policies set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we also design our safety practices to go above and beyond these standards.

We believe creating a culture of safety is vital to our mission. When our team understands our genuine concern for them as individuals, they become more coachable and more aware of safe practices and techniques. We are a team that values its members, and we’re committed to remaining safe and successful.

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Ray Reese
“Our commitment to safety isn’t a platitude – it’s an ongoing, daily pledge to care for the wellbeing of the people we work alongside.”
Ray Reese
Safety Director