Safety Education: Five Ways To Promote Jobsite Safety

Posted on August 16, 2020 by Rives Construction

Any general contractor knows that is no shortage of important factors that go into building and maintaining a successful jobsite: hiring the right team, maintaining cutting-edge equipment, strong client communication and more.

But all great general contractors understand there is one factor that should always be considered as top priority: jobsite safety.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five important ways to promote jobsite safety.


It goes without saying that a construction team should be properly trained before setting to work on a jobsite. A quality, comprehensive training program is critical to ensuring jobsite safety and facilitating a stable and successful work environment. Team members should be fully trained on equipment use and any nuances of any jobsite they’re working on, which leads to our next point.

Being Proactive

Before setting to work on a jobsite, it is vitally important to survey the landscape and structure in an effort to discover any issues that may arise during construction. By practicing proactiveness, you can alleviate issues pre-construction that could have potentially become safety hazards upon the jobsite becoming active.

Personal Protection Equipment

As technology in the construction industry continues to advance, so too does personal protection equipment. Thanks to recent evolutions, PPE has become lighter, more comfortable to operate in and more protective. The utilization of PPE is one important step in creating the safest jobsite possible, but it should not be viewed as the only line of defense between team members and potential injury.

Professionalism and Prioritization

Construction work is a business and as with any other business, it’s easy to focus on the bottom line. However, it is imperative that superintendents keep jobsite safety at the top of their priority list. When leadership effectively prioritizes safety on a jobsite, that prioritization will trickle down through the rest of the team and keep everyone focused on the same goals.

Emergency Preparedness

Accidents are going to happen. They are inevitable. But your team can lessen the blow of this unfortunate reality by being fully prepared to react if and when someone is injured on a jobsite. Your team should have a comprehensive accident reaction plan installed and there should be one designated team member to lead the way.

Jobsite safety is of the utmost importance in the construction industry, and we at Rives fully understand that and prioritizes safety above all else. Learn how we’ve built a culture of safety throughout our organization here.



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